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CartFour-Business (B2B)

Focuses on being a platform for suppliers to sell products in bulk at wholesale prices to small or medium-sized businesses worldwide, who then resell them for a profit in their domestic markets.

In our drive to enable Indian MSMEs to participate in e-commerce on a global scale,

Opportunities for Indian MSMEs Indian small businesses can leverage’s extensive reach to establish a verified online presence to work with potential partners. By joining the platform, they gain access to a variety of tools and channels that match buyers and sellers, including the ability to facilitate direct communication anytime and anywhere. To facilitate online trade, the platform has a range of payments and logistics services. This makes it easier for MSMEs to partake in cross-border trade. also provides consultancy services, such as exports, customs clearance, foreign exchange, tax refund, and trade financing. also features a ‘Source Now’ that will help the trader to order the products not listed on the website. Further, transparent, cross-border logistics solutions with online shipment tracking and guaranteed service delivery are also made available. works on a subscription model in India and all the other markets in which the platform operates in, including China. Similar to other e-commerce platforms, there is an initial subscription fee that needs to be paid by a small business to come on board. also offers a range of paid packages to the sellers on the platform.

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